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  • Zero physical permit costs saves a minimum of $6,000 annually
  • Zero permit-payment processing and account management overhead saves $12,000 annually
  • Zero incidents from theft-from-auto or theft-of-auto
  • Number of complaints totaling less than 50 out of over 214,000 transactions
  • Saved an estimated $750,000 over a gated solution


The $100 million-dollar Surrey City Hall is the cornerstone of a major civic redevelopment plan for the city centre. It sits at the centre of a large public plaza, library and university. To accommodate the expected influx of vehicles into the area, 835 parking stalls were created in a three-level, underground parkade.

The traditional method of parking enforcement, where an officer manually checks windshields for permits, would prove to be too costly and inefficient for such a large facility.

Dave Harkness, Manager of Parking Services for the Surrey Parking Authority was tasked with implementing a solution that would optimize their parking assets while creating an efficient, trouble-free experience for users.


The City turned to Concord Parking in 2012 to manage all employee and visitor parking at the City of Surrey City Hall.

Concord Parking proposed a system that integrated best-in-class technology from industry leaders. Its purpose-built solution continues to meet the unique needs of Surrey City Hall, its employees and guests.

Working closely with the City to ensure the proposed system met the needs of all user groups, Concord Parking successfully manages a gateless parking solution, 12 LUKE II License Plate Recognition (LPR) pay stations and an AutoVu enforcement vehicle. With the benefit of advanced technology, Concord Parking can complete the patrol of the entire facility three times per day. This provides the City of Surrey with exceptionally fast and accurate enforcement.

To streamline the monthly permitting process for those that work at Surrey City Hall, Concord Parking implemented a virtual permit management solution. The online virtual permit payment system enables landlords and tenants to Online and self-manage their parking permit. Virtual permit eliminates the need for manual car decals, significantly lowering costs while improving revenue.

The parking management system in place today, and managed by Concord Parking, provides a seamless, paperless solution that benefits both users and the City of Surrey. The investment is significantly less than a gated solution, and all costs associated with issuing and managing payment for physical permits is eliminated.

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