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why concord ctrl

  • Parking at work is made easy for employees and tenants
  • Real-time data on transactions, ticket status, and parking spots is available
  • Convenient cloud-based access through our secure Microsoft Azure Server
  • Completely white-labelled with your organization’s branding
  • Modular pricing is based only on the features you use
  • Full customer service on all of our solutions


Monthly Permit CTRL

Allow customers to purchase permits through your personalized and branded online portal

Tenant Management CTRL

Allow tenants to self manage their employee/guest parking permits

Validation CTRL

Allowing permits for events, and temporary parking locations to be purchased anywhere

Violation CTRL

In the field validation of parking compliance and vehicle details

Monthly Permit CTRL

Allow customers to purchase permits through your personalized branded online portal. 


  • Instantly purchase or revoke permits, anywhere, anytime
  • Customers can manage their profiles, update license plates, and edit contact information
  • Save on administration time with the CTRL self-service portal

Tenant CTRL

Instant service. Tenants have the ability to self-manage their own parking permits. Landlords can allow tenants to self-manage their employee/guest parking permits.


  • Unlimited amount of permits
  • Empowering tenants
  • Parking enforcement can be done through a mobile app by any enforcement company
  • Automatic permit activation
  • Allow tenants, guests, and contractor permits details at any time

Validation CTRL

Create and manage day permits to customer profiles and vehicles, so you don’t have to worry about non-registered guests taking up valuable parking spaces


  • Flexible management via phone or an iPad kiosk at location
  • Create online Guest Pre-Registration for upcoming events
  • Assign designated parking spaces

violation CTRL

Manage violations and disputes with ease and access to on-demand information.


  • Generate real-time reports and control the data that you want to see.
  • Exportable to CSV file for further data manipulation and integration.
  • View disputed violation reports, photos, and communication history of the dispute.