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Established in 1997, Genetec pioneered the first fully IP-based security system. Despite industry scepticism of this new market technology, Genetec's team developed and perfected the solution. They were the first to offer IP video surveillance, and have extended their expertise in IP security to access control and license plate recognition (LPR).

Genetec's security solutions are deployed throughout industries such as city-wide surveillance, education, gaming, law enforcement, parking enforcement, retail, transportation, and many more. The open architecture of their solutions enables integration with one another, as well as with third-party solutions, letting customers leverage investments and lower total cost of ownership.

Today, Genetec is a global provider of IP video surveillance, access control and license plate recognition solutions unified in a single platform, called Security Center. They work with partners on six continents to help provide safer, more secure environments for small to medium-sized and enterprise-class businesses in over 80 countries.

LPR enforcement and vehicle inventory management

License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, will be used to enforce parking regulations and record vehicle inventory. Benefits of LPR enforcement technology include:

  • Reduced costs through more efficient operations
  • Decrease in violation disputes
  • Increase revenues with more time to patrol lots
  • Simplified management reporting and analysis

LPR pay station

For facilities requiring metered parking, Concord Parking offers multi-space parking meters for on- and off-street parking operations. Our LPR pay station solutions offer multiple payment options, and are equipped with large full-color LCD screens.

Benefits of License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems and equipment:

  • After payment is made at a pay station, the customer is not required to return to their vehicle to display ticket on dashboard
  • Pay stations can be located in safe, well lit areas close to or inside building structures, creating a safer environment for payment.
  • Pay Station will send a text message to customer when parking time is about to expire and prompt customer if additional time is required.

e-permit system

The online e-Permit payment system enables landlords, tenants, monthly customers and educational institutions to go online and self-manage their parking permit (e-Permit). e-Permit eliminates the need for manual car decals, significantly lowering cost while improving revenue.

valet management

LPR automated valet systems can track, monitor, control and manage valet keys, vehicles, tickets, employees, payroll and revenue all in one. Current generation handheld devices, including the Apple iPod Touch and iPhone, are utilized for vehicle check-in. The system revolutionizes valet operation by eliminating a cumbersome, time consuming manual check-in process.